Past, Present and Future

Quite a number of years ago a colleague and friend of mine named Paula recommended attending a seminar conducted by a company in Eugene, Oregon called Wings Seminars. It turns out that my wife and I attended a whole series of Wings seminars and both consider the experience to be life changing.

Since that time I continued working in education but with a renewed spirit and a broader perspective on the impact that my life might have within and without my professional life. For the majority of my career I worked in public education. With grown kids and a newfound sense of adventure, we ventured overseas spending the past 5 years working in an American International School. 

The quote at the bottom of this page is one that I wrote down during one of the Wings seminars. Although experts tell us to change our tagline because others will stop reading them unless they change regularly, I can’t seem to force myself to remove this from my email signature. It speaks directly to my beliefs about human development and to my mission to expose as many individual as I can to the possibility that they have it within their grasp to become a world changer. 

Nearing the end of a career I admit to more than an inkling of angst regarding my next steps.

“The journey is to be your unique self who will only exist once in this universe, able to do and be what no one else can do and be.”  – Bob Cosby